Why Choose Us

When there are many options, why should you choose Harshini Degree College as your choice?

The answer is simple:
If we observe the latest trends most of the graduates with high academic grades are not in a position to find employment purely because they are not able to display observable human capabilities in the form of visible and recognizable skills.

It is because the entire focus of academic institutions is only on cramming the subject and getting academic grades. But with our own experience as leaders in corporate executive education for the past 14 years established the fact that, an individual needs to acquire academic skills along with individual development which is possible only when there is Industry institute linkage and the skills which student acquires in the institution should be directly transferrable to the industry.

We are most eligible than any body else to claim that we can provide best holistic education because we have been for the past 14 years teaching corporate executives and managers to become effective individuals.

This amalagamation of our experience in providing academic education for the 14 years and offering excellent corporate education for the past 11 years proves to be our major strength.

Alongside, the college regularly organizes innumerable extra curricular activities to bring out the hidden talent of the students in the form of artistic self expression.